KARATE (meaning empty hand) is the foremost method of self defence, with roots that can be traced back many hundreds of years to China, making it one of the most traditional methods of self defence, whilst also being a very enjoyable way of getting fit.

HAGAKURE KARATE CLUB is a Traditional Karate Club, whose principles are directly based on the original teachings of the Japanese Masters. Hagakure Karate Club is a very traditional club with a strong ethos of discipline and self discipline. Traditional Karate is not about competition fighting, with training based on the Japanese teachings of self defence as well as self control. Not only are self defence and strong fighting principles taught, but how to deal with situations without fighting, as well as the subtle secrets of self awareness, confidence and respect.

Whilst training at this ancient martial art through learning to control our body, you ultimately learn to control your mind while becoming more confident and when necessary more assertive.

Powers of concentration also improve, especially in the young, along with a single minded approach to any goal one may set one's self. Respect of yourself and others is key to the teachings of karate along with patience and tolerance. Confidence also improves, not just because you learn to deal with threatening situations on the street but also, through the grading system, learning to deal with one's nerves.

HAGAKURE KARATE CLUB is renowned for the speed, power and effectiveness of the fighting techniques learnt and used.